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Kids Promise is a program started by Dr. Lambaria based on the InfantSEE public health service through the American Optometric Association. The Kids Promise program is for children from ages 6 months to 10 years old. Through this program, Dr. Lambaria provides a one time, comprehensive children’s eye exam at no cost. The purpose of the Kids Promise program is to detect refractive errors and eye conditions as early as possible and to introduce eyecare at an early age.

Children who have obvious signs of having an eye condition are more likely to be detected by parents and pediatricians. The most obvious example being eye turns. Kids Promise was created to help detect the less noticeable eye conditions that are more difficult to diagnose, especially when the patient can’t communicate yet! The earlier these conditions are diagnosed and treated, the better the visual outcome. These conditions include:

  • High refractive error
  • Amblyopia or Lazy Eye
  • Congenital Cataracts
  • Congenital Glaucoma
  • Eye Turning and Tracking problems
  • and more

Many eye conditions of childhood go uncorrected for several reasons. First, many children don’t even realize they have a vision problem because they haven’t experienced what clear vision looks like. Also, children rarely complain about their eye sight. It’s easy to assume your child’s eyes are perfectly healthy and that they have good vision, especially if you do. Many times it just doesn’t seem like there is a problem and it may not be caught until later in life.

While the InfantSEE program is designed for infants from ages six to twelve months, Dr. Lambaria has expanded the age range of patients he will see for their first comprehensive eye health evaluation at no-cost, to children up to and including age 10.

Dr. Lambaria feels it is important to reach as many children possible and is able to do so by voluntarily expanding the age range eligibility.

What the doctor evaluates:

Visual Acuity
Visual acuity is the ability to see objects appropriate for your child’s age. It can be measured before your child can speak, read, or recognize letters.

Eye Teaming
The ability of the eyes to work together.

Eye Motility and Tracking
The ability of the eyes to smoothly follow moving objects and to move accurately from one object to another.

Eye Focusing
The ability the eyes to focus clearly at different distances quickly, accurately, and for sustained periods of time.

Pupil Response
The eyes response to various lighting conditions. It provides information about the neurological portion of the visual system.

Refractive Error
To determine if your child requires a correction to see clearly.

Eye Health
To rule out eye diseases that can impair vision or lead to vision loss if not diagnosed and treated early. Most conditions can be treated if caught early enough.

Dr. Lambaria is a very child friendly doctor (Just ask his five year old daughter!) and he will take care to make your child comfortable. At the end of the exam he will review the results with you and make the appropriate recommendations for your child.

Contact our office to schedule a Kids Promise appointment for you child or children for their no-cost eye health evaluation with Dr. Lambaria at 810-658-2020 or use our the link on our website to request an appointment time.

To find out more about the InfantSEE program please visit their website at